Introduce a friend


Who can advise your friends and family and discuss our boats better than you?

Introduce a friend

You’ll be rewarded if you sponsor someone!

Two options of sponsoring benefits will be offered to you:

  • A cashable cheque worth 5% the value of the stay of the person you sponsor.


  • A gift voucher worth 250 € valid on a new cruise lasting at least one week on one of our Pavillon Saone boats (America range or Imperial Escapade).
Sponsoring Terms and Conditions:

THE SPONSOR: Can be the Sponsor of any customer who has already sailed with or Pavillon Saone.

  • The Sponsor will benefit from the sponsoring offer every time one of his friends (the sponsored person) books a river cruise.
  • Sponsoring benefits will be applicable when the sponsored person returns from the cruise.
  • For the Sponsor, the EUR 250 discount is applicable for any booking of at least one week.
  • The Sponsor can combine several discounts on the same booking.
  • The Sponsor’s gift voucher can be combined with most special offers.
  • Sponsors will have to provide the reference number of their file or their customer number to the person they sponsor.

THE SPONSORED PERSON: Brand new customer introduced by the Sponsor.

  • The sponsored person will have to provide us the reference number of their Sponsor’s file.

These conditions may be amended without notice at any time.